New members of Team Kromek in January 2019


New members of Team Kromek

We recently welcomed three new members of Team Kromek and a new science PhD who will be with us for six months.

  • James Andrews will be working with our Innovations Director helping to develop our IP and win more grant funding.
  • Lewis Barnes has become our new buyer with Helen moving onto pastures new (good luck Helen and thanks for all your great work, we will miss you).
  • And Bartek Balczerski has become our Principal Investigator – Medical and will be working on our breast imaging cameras and other medical devices.
  • Fraser Holloway is with us for six months as part of his PhD. He will be working on a range of projects to give help give him a better understanding of what a career as a scientist is like. We usually see about four PhD students per year.


If you are looking for a fulfilling and challenging career check out our vacancies, Kromek USA is recruiting a number of roles.

We are currently recruiting in Team Kromek USA


Test Engineer

Kromek has an immediate opening for a Test Engineer in the Application Development and Detector Design group.  You will be responsible for collecting and analyzing data to support ongoing photon detector technology development. Actively participating in the construction and test of photon detection systems. Writing documentation for proper use of prototypes and test fixtures as well as providing troubleshooting support and assistance in the maintenance and upgrade of existing systems.

Detector Physicist/Engineer

Kromek has an immediate opening for a Detector Physicist/Engineer in the Application Development and Detector Design group. The group investigates detector and system design, including front-end readout electronics, data flow, calibration, and end-use algorithms. We build proof-of-concept and product-ready prototypes in all key Kromek markets.

Kromek has an immediate opening for an Electrical/Electronics Engineer in the Application Development and Detector Design group. Responsibilities include actively participating in the design, implementation, verification, validation, and documentation of prototype and pilot designs for photon detection systems. You will be conducting tests, experiments, and characterization of prototypes. Documenting the results, quantify performance and compiling and publishing reports.

Studying physics?

If you studying physics and are reviewing your career options you might want to read this article from the Institute of Physics (IOP) which gives an overview of the options:


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