Kromek’s NEW PRD Launched


Kromek have launched their new D3 PRD on 16th September 2020.

The D3 PRD is a high accuracy personal radiation detector with dose accuracy of ± 10%. Compare to the current state of the art detector, the D3 PRD’s detection of isotopes is two times faster, two times further, the localization of isotopes is twice as fast and it has an extremely low false alarm rate.

  • D3 PRD is designed to be body worn unobtrusively outside of PPE
  • D3 PRD continuously monitors the environment
  • D3 PRD gives a clear alarm annunciation and measurement of the dose rate
  • The stored spectra can be downloaded and analyzed by a trained user
  • This could eliminate the need of secondary RIID devices

Click here to have a look at the product in more detail



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