Kromek secures five-year $7.8m baggage screening contract


Kromek secures five-year $7.8m baggage security screening contract

Kromek’s second long-term contract in baggage security screening market is to develop and deploy next-generation detector modules. Kromek is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a new long-term supply contract worth a minimum of $7.8 million by an existing OEM customer, a leading company in x-ray imaging systems, for the baggage security screening market.

The contract, which is for the customisation of current technologies and CZT detector modules and deployment in the baggage security screening market, covers a five-year period and commences immediately. Kromek’s technology is designed to enhance the detection of an extensive range of threat materials, providing improved accuracy and efficiency.

Arnab Basu, CEO of Kromek, commented: “This is another significant, long-term contract in the security screening market for Kromek. It continues a trend of multi-year contracts we are signing as customers move away from legacy systems and embrace CZT detection technology. Our expertise makes us ideally positioned to develop customer-specific detector modules and to efficiently deploy these in advanced screening systems for real-world use. We look forward to rolling out this detection technology to help protect staff and passengers at airports, border crossings and other points of entry or areas of security concern.”

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