Kromek Secures $0.8m order for its D3S ID


Kromek Group plc (AIM: KMK), a leading developer of radiation and bio-detection technology solutions for the advanced imaging and CBRN detection segments, is pleased to a announce that it has secured a repeat order, worth $0.8m, from a US government customer for its D3S ID wearable nuclear radiation detector. Delivery and revenue recognition is expected to occur in the Group’s current financial year.

D3S ID Gamma Neutron detector
The D3S ID gamma neutron detector is a wearable Radiation Isotope Identifier (“RIID”) designed for first responders, armed forces, border security and other CBRN experts. Unlike a conventional RIID, it is a pocket-sized device and is small and light enough to be wearable and concealable. It can recognise isotopes and neutrons in seconds and is designed to detect radiological threats like dirty bombs, radioactive contamination, smuggling of radioactive substances and radiation at the scene of an accident or terrorist attack.

Arnab Basu, CEO of Kromek Group, said: “This repeat order affirms the importance of our nuclear radiation detection technology and the strength of our relationship with our US governmental customers. We are continuing to see heightened interest in our CBRN solutions, particularly from governments, and expect this momentum to be sustained given the ongoing challenges in the geopolitical environment.”

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