Kromek receives order of $1.5m in the civil nuclear market in Asia


Kromek Group plc (AIM: KMK), a leading developer of radiation and bio-detection technology solutions for the advanced imaging and CBRN detection segments, is pleased to announce that it has secured a contract worth $1.5m in the civil nuclear market, which is to be delivered over the next 15 months.

The contract has been awarded by one of the Group’s distribution partners in Asia and is to supply three new end customers in the region. Importantly, the order is for a new product, based on the Group’s existing technology, with the development of the product having been funded by the distribution partner. The product is designed for civil nuclear applications, including the detection, identification and analysis of radiological sources.

Arnab Basu, CEO of Kromek Group, said: “It is great to have received our first order for this new product line as we commence the commercialisation phase. It reflects the strength of our business model as another example of customer-funded development work transitioning to a product delivery phase. It is also indicative of the increasing interest that we are receiving in our CZT-based technology in the fast-growing Asian markets. We look forward to receiving additional orders for this product line and continuing to expand our reach in Asia.”

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