Kromek presenting at CARM 2018


UK National Conference on Applied Radiation Metrology: CARM 2018

Kromek are presenting during the airborne radioactivity session of CARM 2018. We will be talking about the development of our air monitors to detect radioactive contamination.

The UK National Conference on Applied Radiation Metrology (CARM 2018) is the latest in a series of conferences run by National Physical Laboratory (NPL) for the radiation metrology community, bringing together expertise from areas such as nuclear industry, detector manufacturers, radioanalytical laboratories and academia.

The scope will include recent advances in the underlying science (such as the application of fast neutrons and radionuclide production), as well as the practical application of radiation detectors and techniques.

Peter Rhodes, Radiation Detector Physicist at Kromek will talk about the background and developments of the existing Kromek QuantAir CZT-based airborne radiation contamination monitor in relation to the Euramet Preparedness project aims to create widespread, standardised and reliable systems and protocols for the measurement of radiation in a range of emergency scenarios. Kromek has undertaken to create a portable and accurate air filter radiation monitor for use in reactor air-release scenarios.

After a nuclear or radiological event, radiation protection authorities and other decision makers need quick and credible information, based on reliable radiological data, on the areas affected. However, the potentially large areas affected and risks to people in the vicinity pose difficult measurement challenges.

This project will develop new measurement techniques and traceable calibration methods for determining ground surface activity concentrations using data collected by unmanned aerial vehicles, and for radioactivity in air measurements using transportable air-sampling systems. This will support timely, effective action that protects the public and environment against the effects of ionising radiation in the aftermath of nuclear and radiological emergencies. The project will also ensure the new instrumentation and procedures are taken up by nuclear regulatory bodies, environmental agencies and international standards organisations.

If you are unable to make CARM 2018 but would like a copy of the presentation send your name, organisation name and your email to



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