D3S radiation detectors deployed at NATO Summit


The Kromek D3S advanced radiation detection device was successfully deployed by Belgian Federal Police (Airport Unit) supported by the European Commission Counter Terrorism Unit of the Directorate General for Home Affairs during the NATO Summit 2018 in Brussels.


Kromek D3S with Air Force One on the tarmac behind

The Belgian Federal Police deployed the Kromek D3S wearable RIID during security sweeps conducted before and during the visit of U.S. President Donald Trump and other EU and NATO Heads of State. It was used to detect potential radiological threats present in objects such as cargo, vehicles, buildings and other equipment.

As with its use during President Trump’s visit to Brussels in May 2017, the D3S deployment was successful and the Company’s radiation detection systems proved the value of such equipment for law enforcement during not only special events but also routine patrol operations.

The Belgian Federal Police (Airport Unit) has expressed its strong commitment to mitigating terrorist threats in line with the EU action plan, presented in October 2017, to counter attacks involving chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) substances.


Waterproof pouch holding D3S radiation detector unit and mobile phone in one place. The clear plastic front makes it easy to see and use the detector app.

We are pleased to have been involved in the successful security operation during the recent NATO summit in Brussels. It is another real-world example of how government agencies are using our leading radiation detection technology to protect cities from all possible threats. We continue to engage closely with DARPA, the European Commission and national law enforcement agencies around the globe to deploy our D3S equipment in both high-risk events and routine police missions.

You can see the D3S wearable RIID in action on the website.

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