D3S radiation detector shortlisted for award


Kromek D3S shortlisted by The Engineer for their Collaboration to Innovate Award.

The D3S wearable RIID, our gamma neutron detector for first responders, border security and nuclear terrorism protection has been shortlisted for The Engineer Collaboration to Innovate Award. The development of the D3S involved collaboration with the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Two Six Labs and PSI (Physical Sciences Inc), as well as end-users and other stakeholders.

D3S ID mobile phone app screen

D3S ID mobile phone app screen

We continue to develop both the detector and the mobile phone app with the D3S now available in two configurations.

Two versions of wearable RIID

  1. The D3S NET version is a fully networked device with data fed back to a central control screen accessible from any internet connected computer. The D3S NET version is used in large-scale deployment to protect whole cities, borders, large events and other situations where the person carrying the detector may not be fully trained to respond to nuclear incidents. It is perfect if you need to deploy a lot of detectors across a wide area. The network building up a picture of the natural radiation signature of the location making it even easier to spot anomalies. The central controller picks up the alerts and then can instruct the wearer what to do and can call in back-up is necessary.
  2. The D3S ID version is a stand-alone version perfect for use by people that are trained to respond to nuclear incidents and need a powerful hands-free RIID to identify isotopes and spot nuclear terrorism. The ID is self-contained so is better suited to being deployed in lower numbers (or just one) and can be up and running very quickly.

In both cases, because the detector and phone can be tucked into a pocket, a passerby is unaware that the area is under radiation surveillance. The units are available at a much lower price than comparable large RIIDs. You can see a side-by-side comparison with a conventional RIID here in our Latest section.


D3S wearable RIID in its rugged case


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