D3S Japanese version text and speech


New translations for the D3S

We have just launched a D3S Japanese version to our distributors and clients in Japan.

As well as the translation of menus and other text, the app also talks to you in Japanese.

The Kromek D3S is a gamma and neutron radiation detector designed for the CBRNe sector, security screening, first responders and military. More powerful than a RIID, a pocket-sized device that can recognise isotopes and neutrons in seconds.The perfect PRD, SPRD and RIID replacement for anyone that needs to identify

The translation includes text on the screen as well as speech, hear it in action in the video below. It is based on our new design for the D3S app which has a much clearer and easier to understand screen layout. Items like the alert timeline are hidden until the user wants to see it which allows the space in the centre of the screen to be used for the gamma dose rate and neutron count as wells as the larger pop-up isotope identification alert. alerts. The box shows the isotope detected and its classification. The alert box shows you how many alerts you have and allows you to swipe through them if the detector has identified more than one isotope.



If you want to find out more about the D3S Japanese version, we can put you in touch with our Japanese distributor, if you give us contact details.


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