D3S ID gamma-neutron RIID unboxing


D3S ID gamma-neutron RIID unboxing

Check out our new video showing a D3S ID gamma-neutron RIID unboxing. You can see what you get with the D3S ID standalone wearable gamma-neutron RIID and how to operate the device. Designed for Homeland Defense to combat radiological threats it can also be used by radiations workers or researchers who need a gamma radiation identifier and neutron detector.

This is the D3S ID version of the device which is ideal for fast deployment in low numbers, making it perfect to event protection and to follow a mobile target.

They can also be supplied in the large event case which provides rugged storage for 10 detectors, phones and all the charging apparatus.

D3S gamma neutron detector rugged case

D3S rugged event case fitted to an ATV ready for rapid deployment

The D3S can also be deployed in a modular wall or desk mounted charging cradle which is perfect for on-going deployment in a precinct or fire department.

You can read more about the D3S here and see more videos of the D3S wearable RIID in use on our YouTube channel.

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RIID radiation detector for radiological threats

The D3S is a light, wearable Radiation Isotope Detector (RIID) that allows you to identify gamma-ray radioisotopes swiftly; it helps the user every step of the way clearing announcing the isotopes found and showing the difference between medical and industrial sources and those that are more sinister. It also identifies the presence of a neutron source so even shielded gamma-ray sources are not hidden from the D3S detector.

It provides a 100-fold increase in the ability to locate and identify sources of radiation at ten times the speed of conventional detectors and one-tenth of the cost. These small and wearable detectors RIID radiation detectors can go any place a terrorist could also go. The detector fits into a pocket or belt holster so they can be easily hidden, this makes them much harder to avoid because anyone could be carrying one, and they give the user vital information to react appropriately to a threat.

RIID radiation detector for civil nuclear use

The D3S ID was designed for use by first responders but it can also be used by workers or researchers involved in the civil nuclear sector as it provides an alternative to a standard RIID or other gamma-ray radiation detectors. The D3S ID exceeds the RIID standard and identifies 17 more isotopes than RIID standard, four times faster than RIID standard and is cheaper than standard RIIDs

With the D3S ID everything you need is in the rugged case.


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