Bright Ideas in Health Awards 2019 winners


Kromek is part of the team awarded first place in the Early Diagnosis and Precision Medicine Award at the Bright Ideas in Health Awards 2019

Winner logo Bright Ideas in Health Awards 2019

Winner logo Bright Ideas in Health Awards 2019

1st place – Bright Ideas in Health Awards 2019 – Improvements in Breast Imaging – The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Kromek

Breast screening programmes aim to detect cancers before they appear symptomatically. Despite this, every year, there are more than 55,000 new incidences of breast cancer in the UK. Breast screening using mammography was introduced in the UK almost thirty years ago, and it relies principally upon a difference between the density of the potential tumour and the surrounding normal breast tissue. Given this, in women with a higher proportion of dense tissue in the breast, it can be more challenging to detect any abnormality using mammography. The new technique provides a more sensitive method of imaging women with dense breast tissue, improving prognosis and reducing treatment costs.

It is a tremendous honour to be part of the winning team at the Bright Ideas in Health Awards 2019.

The team

  • Bartek Balczerski, Principal Investigator Kromek
  • Ian Baistow, Project Manager Kromek
  • Alexander Cherlin, Principal Physicist Kromek
  • Andrew Knapton, Detector Physicist Kromek
  • Ian Radley, Chief Technical Officer Kromek
  • Ben Cantwell, Innovation Director Kromek
  • Tom Beale, Commercial Development Manager, Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)
  • Alison Bray, Clinical Scientist (Pre-reg)
  • Helen Elliott, Research Scientist
  • Nerys Forester, Consultant Radiologist
  • Liz Jefferson, Deputy Head of Nuclear Medicine
  • Richard Peace, Consultant Clinical Scientist
  • George Petrides, Consultant Radiologist
  • Tim Powell, Clinical Scientist (Pre-reg)
  • Erika Ridley, Health Promotion Officer
  • Nidhi Sibal, Consultant Radiologist
  • Tracy Scott, Head of Patient Experience The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dr Sara Graziadio, Senior Methodologist, NIHR Newcastle MIC
  • Christine Armstrong, Monitoring Officer, Innovate UK

You can read the various announcement about our work to improve breast imaging at these links:

In 2010 a TED Talk by Dr Deborah Rhodes showed the potential for CZT in breast imaging and the problems it solves: you will find a link to the TED Talk here.


Improvements in breast screening team

Improvements in breast imaging team



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