What’s it like to work at Kromek?


Steve Foremen, Systems Engineering Manager at Kromek, has hit his ten year anniversary.

Steve started at Kromek as a software engineer, but now is in charge of a whole team of twelve engineers. They look after the electronics and software for almost the Kromek products with team members in the UK and the USA; they also manage the companies IT infrastructure.

The best thing about working at Kromek? Steve say’s: “The diversity, with this many types of project you are not going to get bored. One day I am working on an IPhone app and the next on the electronics for a wearable radiation detector. Kromek is an international player, but our small, focused teams mean you are not just a cog in the system – you are the system. Of course, working at the cutting edge and on products that make a difference is pretty special as well.”

So, what is the worst thing: “The queue for the coffee machines in the morning, seriously we need to design a system, or only hire tea drinkers.”

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