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Testing our gamma and x-ray detectors

When we develop our devices, especially our medical gamma/x-ray detectors we need something to image. This sheep skull, found while walking in Northumberland UK, proved the perfect subject.

Sheep skull subject for medical scanner

Sheep skull subject for medical scanner

Dr Alex Cherlin, is our principal physicist medical imaging and is one of the biggest users of our DMatrix gamma-ray imager. This is a fully integrated photon counting pixilated, 12-bit energy discriminating CZT detector/imager, its modular design enables a large field of view scaling.

The solid-state detector technology, cadmium zinc telluride (CZT),provides superior efficiency and energy discrimination capabilities versus conventional scintillation-based detectors. CZT based detectors are rapidly becoming the technology of choice in many of today’s most advanced medical, industrial, and security applications.

The DMatrix is perfect for research projects to understand the capability of CZT. The DMatrix gamma-ray imager can be used to test out your ideas and then scaled for incorporation into your own detectors.

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