10,000 D3S units now delivered


D3S nuclear threat detector – units now deployed in the US

We have completed the delivery of 10,000 D3S nuclear threat detector units to DARPA in support of their SIGMA programme. The units consist of the wearable D3S detector unit which houses the gamma isotope identifier and the neutron detector. This is then paired with a standard mobile phone that shows the use the isotopes detected, dose rate and if any neutrons detected. Both are wearable and easily concealed. The phone also relays the position and other data collected to the DARPA SIGMA network allowing a map of the natural radiation of the area to be built up. Any alerts are flashed to the phone and to the central screen showing all the detector in the network.

Because of this ability to report back to a central command screen, the D3S nuclear threat detector can be carried by anyone not just CBRN trained staff or first responders. It has even been vehicle mounted. In effect, it can be used to turn anyone into a radiation monitor.

For someone who is trained to respond they can use the D3S nuclear threat detector as a wearable RIID that identifies isotopes in seconds, this means the CBRN professional can assess the threat level immediately, report back automatically and then take further action. The units as small enough to pass unnoticed, with the phone reporting what it is found through an earpiece and on the phone screen.

The D3S nuclear threat detector can detect radioisotopes in seconds, see it in action here.

The SIGMA programme is aimed at preventing attacks involving radiological “dirty bombs” and other nuclear threats in the US and globally. It has successfully developed and demonstrated that a network of D3S smartphone-sized mobile devices can detect the tiniest traces of radioactive materials.

You can see more details of the DARPA SIGMA programme at this link.

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