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Kromek Investor Relations Information

Welcome to the Investor relations section of the Kromek website. Here you will find information on the Group’s latest news and announcements, financial results, annual reports, upcoming events and information to help manage your shareholding.

Country of incorporation and main country of operation

Kromek Group plc is incorporated in England (Registration Number 8661469). Its main country of operation is the United Kingdom.

Details of exchanges and trading platforms

Kromek securities (EPIC code: KMK) are not listed or traded on any exchanges or trading platforms other than AIM.

Who we are

Kromek is a UK-based platform technology company and a leading developer of high-performance radiation technology products based on cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) and other advanced technologies. Our products enable direct materials identification in three high-value global markets: medical imaging, nuclear detection, and security screening.

More recently, the Group has developed technology in a new market segment, biosecurity, for the detection and identification of airborne pathogens (bacteria and viruses) including the detection of COVID-19.

With manufacturing facilities in the UK and US, Kromek sells internationally to 50 countries through partnerships and distribution channels in Asia, Europe, and North America, to a global customer base ranging from national governments and regulatory bodies to international airports and research institutes, and from major energy providers to the world’s largest technology and medical equipment groups. Our facility in Pennsylvania was purpose built and designed to be a world-class manufacturing base to produce medical imaging products.

Our capabilities

Based on innovation in semiconductor production and electronics supported by technologies such as software, algorithms, and systems engineering, Kromek’s vertically integrated technology offering to customers has world-leading, often unique capabilities covering the value chain “from semiconductors to complete solutions”.

Our products

Kromek designs, develops, and produces x-ray and gamma ray imaging and radiation detection products that provide high resolution information on material composition and structure. These products are used for multiple applications ranging from the identification of cancerous tissues to hazardous materials, such as explosives, and the analysis of radioactive materials.

The nuclear portfolio comprises cutting-edge high-performance handheld products for gamma-ray detection and isotope analysis in complex nuclear environments that differentiate themselves by their sensitivity, high resolution and small form factor allowing unprecedented flexibility in deployment and are widely deployed by the military, departments of homeland security and in civil nuclear environments such as power stations.

Within security screening, the Kromek Identifier liquid explosive detection system (ECAC level 3) brings speedy threat detection that, uniquely, can accurately scan ALL container types, including metal. The company also provides key components for incorporation into the next generation security screening systems that provide advanced capability for screening current threats and is ideal for the detection of homemade explosives.

Kromek has established itself as a key supplier of CZT-based detector modules for medical imaging. With the increasing adoption of our CZT detector platforms, OEMs have significantly improved the quality of medical imaging with lower patient radiation doses and at reduced cost. As a result, our detectors are increasingly being used for single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), bone mineral densitometry (BMD), and, more specifically, molecular breast imaging (MBI) applications.

The move into the biosecurity sector saw Kromek develop the world’s first fully automated airborne pathogen detection system which uses DNA sequencing-based broad range pathogen detection and assay-based for COVID-19 specific detection.