SRP Annual Conference 2024

14 May - 16 May 2024 Eastbourne, UK

Kromek will be heading to the 2024 SRP Annual Conference in Eastbourne, UK, from 14th – 16th May, to showcase our range of products and solutions, designed for healthcare, new nuclear, decommissioning, fusion, industry and more.

Sustainability and working in synergy have been a central focus for The Society for Radiological Protection over the last four years and continues to be important to us.

With the increasing demand for radiation protection across healthcare, new nuclear, decommissioning, fusion and industry, there is a need to ensure that we’re continuing to develop the next generation of diverse radiation protection professionals and support the ongoing development of our existing workforce.

Alongside this, we’re seeing a shift in radiation protection standards and policy at an international level promoting the move to a more balanced treatment of radiation risk, considering not only protection of people and the environment, but also all hazards and the resources used (both financial and physical) in protecting against the hazards and societal impact.

The 2024 Annual Conference will focus on how we’re integrating sustainability in our day-to-day practices, from tackling the radiation protection skills gap, promoting diversity and inclusion in our workplace, embedding sustainable practices in our radiation protection decision making, and setting up the profession to tackle our future radiation protection challenges from current and future technologies.

The event will include a number of invited talks from key stakeholders including the International Commission on Radiological Protection, National Skills Groups, along with SRP Fellow James Cairns (Aurora Health Physics), who was recently portrayed in the recent ITVX Drama Documentary on Litvinenko.

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