RNSA 2021 – Radiological Society of North America

28 Nov - 02 Dec 2021 McCormick Place, Chicago, USA

Kromek are exhibiting and presenting at RNSA-21 in Chicago on 28th Nov – 2nd Dec at CMR-Naviscan’s stand. 

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) is a non-profit international organisation of medical professionals such as radiologists and medical physicists with more than 54,000 members worldwide.  

The RSNA’s annual meeting is one of the world’s largest medical meetings, usually happening in the end of November in Chicago. For more information or to register to attend the event please visit the RSNA website – 

Kromek is working towards making the future of MBI low dose and 3D. This will be achieved by reducing the effective patient dose of radiation to the level of a mammogram and significantly reducing the scan time.  

Kromek is developing a new technological approach (patent pending) based on combining tomographic image reconstruction with multi-pinhole collimation and Kromek’s 3D CZT detectors. The results of extensive simulation studies, which have been carried out in collaboration with prof. Brian Hutton’s group from University College London (UCL)demonstrated the potential to reduce the effective dose to the level of a typical mammography scan. These results indicate expected improvements in spatial resolution and the possibility of reduced scan time. First experimental results with a small prototype support the improvements indicated by the simulation studies. The detailed quantification of the dose reduction is still ongoing.  

Alexander Cherlin, Principal Physicist, is also presenting a poster on our current result: 

An ultra-low-dose, stationary, tomographic molecular breast imaging system using Depth-Of-Interaction sensitive CZT detectors 

Visit the abstract here 

Poster discussion date and time: 30th November, 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm. 

Please get in touch with Alexander Cherlin and Madhuri Kaul if you would like to know more details or schedule a meeting. 

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