On-Demand Quant Webinar

04 Apr 2023 Online Event

Watch our On-Demand Quant Webinar, available now!

Hosted by Raashi Basu – Project Manager

Discover our range of Civil Nuclear detectors, follow tutorials on how to use our gamma spectroscopy software, and learn how you can calculate the radioactivity of any radionuclide using your own geometries.

In the webinar, you’ll find out about:

  • MultiSpect Analysis (MSA) and other Kromek gamma spectroscopy software available to you
  • Using MSA to complete energy and resolution calibrations
  • Completing peak analysis for peak area
  • Completing peak analysis for peak activity for any radionuclide with your own fixtures using MSA Premium
  • Our range of products optimised for your Civil Nuclear application(s)

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