NVS Autumn Symposium: Learning from nuclear energy

15 Nov 2019 NBC,
Blokhoeve 1,
3438 LC Nieuwegein
The Netherlands

NVS Autumn Symposium: Learning from nuclear energy

On 15th November the Autumn Symposium, 2019, takes place in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands.

PEO our distributor for Benelux will be exhibiting at the NVS Autumn Symposium with the Kromek Sample Inspector and D3S wearable gamma neutron detectors on the booth.

The Symposium themes

Nuclear energy has been a controversial topic for decades and regularly in the news due to openness about maintenance, disruptions and incidents. The multitude of reports undoubtedly influences how society thinks about nuclear energy. And with that in the wake of how other radiation application.

Nuclear energy has a long history. Partly because of this, a great deal of knowledge and experience is present in all sorts of areas within this sector. Thankfully use can be made of this in many other sectors. You will be given the opportunity to become acquainted with this at the Autumn Symposium. The theme of the symposium is “Learning from nuclear energy” and will take place on Friday, November 15, 2019. And as you are used to from us, the theme is again highlighted from different angles

  • Developments in the design of nuclear power stations
  • Personal doses and ALARA
  • Imaging
  • Operational feedback, and
  • Safety culture

This event will be preceded by a general meeting of members.

About Nieuwegein

Nieuwegein is a municipality and city in the Dutch province of Utrecht. It is bordered on the north by the city of Utrecht, the provincial capital. It is separated from Vianen to the south by the river Lek and borders on IJsselstein in the southwest and Houten in the east.Wikipedia

PEO at the NVS Symposium

PEO will be exhibiting at the event and will be demonstrating some Kromek radiation detectors. PEO has been distributing our products for a while so are very knowledgable about the Kromkek civil nuclear and CBRNE radiation detectors. They are also experts in our drone radiation mapping solutions and recently held a drone demo day at DronePort in Belgium, which gave us the opportunity to fly our drones around radioactive samples to show the identification and mapping capability.

D3S ID radiation detector next to rugged phone app

D3S ID radiation detector next to a rugged phone with the detector app

About PEO

PEO is a team of driven professionals, for whom quality is central. The rapidly changing business environment requires a flexible attitude and the right coordination. PEO likes to position itself as an extension of your organization to make the best possible contribution to your quality system. They believe in the quality of sustainable customer relationships, where support and after-sales are more important. PEO has worked with a wide variety of clients from hospitals, industry, metal recycling, government & research centres.

Get in touch with PEO

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