NuSec Nuclear Security Detection Workshop

15 Apr - 16 Apr 2019 University of Surrey
United Kingdom

The NuSec Workshop on Nuclear Security Detection takes place at the University of Surrey on 15-16 April 2019 and is run by the STFC Nuclear Security Sciences Network. The event will focus on current and future technical challenges in nuclear security detection and the program will include keynote invited speakers, submitted talks, and poster presentations across the following topics:

  • Nuclear Security detection systems
  • Algorithms and Autonomous Decision Making
  • Particle Detection for core monitoring
  • UAV Monitoring and Environmental Measurements
  • He-3 mitigation for neutron detectors

Dr Adam Tuff from Kromek will present RIID’ing the World of Nuclear Threats: The Next Generation of Radioisotope Identification Detectors at the event on 16 April as part of the conference workshop programme.

Kromek presentation summary

Efforts to counter Weapons of Mass Destruction drive the development of highly sensitive state-of-the-art radiation detectors that can rapidly and accurately classify the nature of nuclear threats through identification of radionuclide species with high certainty. The requirements for detectors such as Radio-Isotope Identification Detectors (RIIDs) necessitate a device that can resolve closely-spaced photopeaks in busy spectra, demonstrate high detection efficiency, and include thermal neutron sensitivity to detect the presence of fissile radionuclides that exhibit little or no gamma-ray profile. These devices also need to demonstrate versatility in order to function across a wide range of operations and in harsh environmental conditions.

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