Joint Civil & DoD CBRN Symposium

13 Mar - 14 Mar 2024 Washington, DC, USA

The 12th Annual Joint Civil and DoD CBRN Symposium will explore the continued efforts of the CBRN community to advance the defense, readiness, and response to current and emerging chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats. The 2024 Symposium will aim to advance an innovative, joint CBRN community essential to counter and defend the nation from CBRN events.


With the increasing complexity of the global security environment, the threat of an accidental or intentional chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear attack on the U.S. is becoming a growing threat. Developing the technologies and solutions necessary to mitigate and respond to CBRN threats is critical. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the continued development of capabilities to increase the resiliency and preparedness of DoD, Federal, State & Local entities to understand, protect, and mitigate CBRN incidents and hazards.


This year’s Symposium will convene senior level experts from across the military, federal government, state and local responders, and academia to explore effective CBRN incident detection, protection, and recovery strategies amid a dynamic threat environment. The 2024 Symposium will also feature a panel that will highlight the utilization of emerging technologies and capabilities to bolster recovery and response in a CBRN affected densely populated urban environment.


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