Hotzone HazMat Conference 2018

18 Oct - 21 Oct 2018 Crowne Plaza Hotel
near NRG – Medical Center

Hotzone HazMat Conference 2018

The Hotzone HazMat Conference 2018  is designed for the local fire, police, emergency management personnel, emergency medical services, health care providers, and state and federal response personnel who participate directly in the incident command system or in its immediate support at the scene of a hazmat response or terrorist event.

To keep your staff and your citizens safe you need fast and reliable detection of a radiological threat. The D3S wearable RIID is designed to sit in a pocket, pack or pouch and constantly scan for radioactive sources making sure you know the level of radiation and type of isotopes encountered, this extra knowledge allows you to react appropriately – all while keeping your hands free for other tasks. The D3S wearable RIID is available in either a networked or stand-alone configuration.

See the D3S wearable RIID in action at Hotzone HazMat Conference 2018 on the Kromek booth (booth 317).

Over 10,000 D3S detectors are currently deployed, it is the only portable detector certified for use with the DARPA Sigma Network.

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