Fly above the radiation

Aerial mapping of contaminated sites is now a reality

Radiations detectors light enough for flying drones

The low weight, small size and lower power requirements of our CZT and other detectors make them perfect for use on drones (either in the air or on the ground).

We have helped a number of clients fit our detector to their drones. Flying drones are a popular choice but our rugged detectors can also be fitted to wheeled or tracked autonomous vehicles.

Our team of experts can work with you to provide software driver and other help in mounting the detectors.

If you need a complete ready to use radiation mapping and monitoring drone solution we offer that as well.

Our detectors have been on drones to map areas of radioactivity all over the world including Fukushima, Sellafield, old lead mines in Cornwall, Chernobyl and lots more.

Using drones for radiation mapping and detection

The small size and power requirements of the GR, TN15 and Sigma devices make them perfect for drones and other in-field uses. For example, ImiTec Ltd develops and manufactures drones for ariel mapping and uses our detectors on their machines.

Detectors for drones

Here are the some of the products our clients have used on drones

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