Quantitative analysis detectors

Kromek's detectors for quantitative analysis

Our quantitative analysis detectors allows users to do quantitative analysis on distributed (soil, building material sample, liquid waste) and point source (air sampling filters, calibration sources) samples.

Rather than dragging potentially dangerous samples back to the lab you can now do the analysis you need in the field. Faster, safer for your staff and the public, better for the environment and more cost-effective.

GR1 Quant radiation detector

Quant GR1

Quant GR1 is a gamma detector solution for mobile laboratory radionuclide analysis. It is designed for measuring the activity of radionuclides in filters, filter papers, beakers of samples. It comes with an optimised and integrated lead/copper shield that enables operation in both standard and raised backgrounds.

The low power, small form factor, reliability, and no requirement for cooling, enable measurements of various configurations of samples, without the need for time-consuming transport back to an offsite laboratory.

RayMon10 Quant

Quant RayMon10

Quant RayMon10, our fully ruggedised, quantitative activity analysis module, provides the complete hardware and software package required for accurate measurements of specific radionuclides.

The Quant RayMon10 advanced high resolution detector allows quantitative analysis of isotopes which normally overlap in lower resolution instruments based on LaBr3 or NaI. This unique capability allows rapid in-field analysis and sample classification, avoiding costly delays associated with laboratory or radiochemical analysis.

CZT-based detector specifically designed for detection of radioactive isotopes in air


QuantAir is a solution for measuring radioactive contamination in the air, it provides high-performance detection capabilities with accurate in-field quantification.

The lightweight system incorporates an optimised lead/copper shield enabling operation in both standard and raised backgrounds. This enables monitoring of potential activity build-up and acts as a live warning system, allowing remedial actions to be carried out at the time of release. This minimises potential intake and increases worker safety.

Radionuclide activity analysis for low activity samples

Sample Inspector

The Kromek Sample Inspector is designed for the radionuclide activity analysis of low activity samples. It is perfect for testing radioactivity in food, soil, liquids, vegetation, etc.

It can measure up to one litre of liquid or solid using a 75 mm x 75 mm NA(Tl) detector operating at room temperature. The Sample Inspector uses the highest sensitivity room temperature detection systems available today and provides high throughput for multiple applications.