Kromek’s CZT detectors

We make a wide range of CZT-based gamma and x-ray radiation detectors and imaging devices for the civil nuclear, security screening, homeland security and medical imaging sectors.

Kromek is one of only four companies in the world that manufactures cadmium zinc telluride CZT (CdZnTe). Our expertise is in using it to make detectors that can help transform imaging and detection solutions in civil nuclear, medical imaging and security.

Having worked in the industry for over 15 years, we understand the wants and needs of our customers.

Our radiation detectors for the civil nuclear sector, high energy physics products and other nuclear physics products are used worldwide by people that work with nuclear material in the lab, industry, research or in the field. Hundreds of organisations use our detectors or components to measure, identify and locate nuclear material. Our products are used in facilities throughout the world where detection of radioactivity is essential, uses range from nuclear power plants to waste sites from university physics labs to school classrooms.

Gamma ray radiation detector spectrometer CZT based

GR1 gamma ray detectors

The Kromek GR1 family is a range of CZT-based high-performance gamma-ray spectrometers. They are completely self-contained, with built-in preamplifier, shaping amplifier, baseline restorer, pulse height digitizer, and HV supply.

Raymon10 handheld gamma spectrometer with Cs137

RayMon10 radiation detectors

A powerful and rugged handheld gamma detector, it can be used to detect, measure and accurately identify gamma-ray emitting radionuclides, providing high-resolution isotope identification using the latest CZT solid-state detector technology.

RadAngel CZT-based gamma ray spectrometer

RadAngel gamma-ray spectrometer

RadAngel is an ideal entry level, portable gamma-ray spectrometer that can be utilised for educational purposes in teaching concepts of radiation as well as for training in the use of radiation sensors.

EV CPG (co-planar grid) CZT gamma ray radiation detector

EV-CPG compact gamma ray detector

The EV-CPG compact gamma ray detector is perfect for a wide range of nuclear spectroscopy needs. This compact gamma detector is ideal for applications requiring high efficiency, high resolution, and room temperature operation.

SPEAR CZT based gamma and x-ray detector

SPEAR radiation detector

A CZT-based gamma radiation and x-ray detector perfect for immediate use or as the gamma radiation and x-ray detector component in your own radiation detector. The SPEAR can operate at room temperature while still offering high sensitivity.

CZT gamma detector for medical imaging

Gamma detector for medical imaging

We provide CZT-based solid-state gamma detector solutions to OEM medical imaging manufacturers. Our CZT gamma detector systems can be assembled in both common and custom configurations to meet the specific application needs of your equipment.