Drone and rover radiation detectors

Radiation monitoring and mapping using autonomous vehicles

We offer a range of drone and rover radiation detector solutions, from autonomous flying drones to wheeled rovers, Kromek has a solution for your radiation mapping and monitoring problems.

Depending upon the system chosen they offer real-time location, measurement and mapping of radioactivity with isotope identification or simple gamma and neutron count rate.

In each case, your team is kept at a distance from the radioactive source found.

Drone manufacturers often update their drone models. Our drone experts will pick the optimal drone for your needs at the time of purchase which may differ from the drones shown on our website.

We also have detectors that can be used on your own drone platforms, which you can find here if you want to build your own drone solution.

UAV Drone

The Kromek UAV radiation mapping drone offers an accurate, affordable and versatile low-altitude aerial radiation detection vehicle which is an out of the box solution for anyone that needs to examine an area or patrol a location for radiation levels or contamination.

The system gives you real-time location, measurement and mapping of radioactivity with isotope identification.

UGV Rover

The Kromek UGV radiation mapping rover gives you real-time location measurement and mapping of radioactivity with isotope identification using a small ground vehicle (we call it the RadRover). This provides a ground-based metre resolution maps of radiation levels. The UGV radiation mapping rover allows routine and repeated monitoring of site areas to rapidly provide data to highlight anomalous changes in radiation and its spread related to nuclear incidents or nuclear transport accidents.

Want to find out more about our drones

We have a range of off-the-shelf drone solutions but can also supply detector modules for deployment on your own drones. Tell us what you are trying to do and our experts will be in touch.