CZT based radiation detectors and gamma spectrometers

CZT based radiation detectors and spectrometers give you sensitivity in a small package.

CZT based gamma spectrometers and radiation detectors

CZT based radiation detectors and gamma spectrometers – highly sensitive room temperature radioactivity monitors

We make a range of handheld radiation detectors, these portable radiation detectors are specifically made for use in the field, and are designed to operate without the need of other equipment. They carry their own power, software, detector and display but can still be easily carried. Outside of the lab, you need handheld radiation detectors that can withstand being carried around, have low power requirements (so they last), require minimum maintenance, can operate at room temperatures (so you don’t have to carry around expensive and heavy cooling equipment) and offer you the sensitivity you need.

Some of our best radiation detectors have CZT as the detector crystal

Using CZT solid-state crystals as the detector component means we are able to make a range of small, portable and sensitive gamma-ray identification devices that can operate at room temperature.


Kromek CZT based gamma radiation detectors in row

CZT based rugged gamma spectrometer

RayMon10 all in one rugged handheld gamma spectrometer

The RayMon10 rugged CZT based gamma spectrometer is made to be taken out into the field. All you need to search for, measure and identify nuclear radiation sources is here in the palm of your hand.

It uses a GR1 detector in the probe so you get the radioactive sensitivity you need with the rugged tablet running radioisotopic analysis. The large touch screen can be used with gloves or the inbuilt stylus. The tablet has a rear and front-facing camera for recording your findings, a GPS function to identify where you are and the ability to output a complete report once you have access to a printer. It is the perfect all in one device for the radiological professional.

Raymon10 User Story

The Radiation Protection Manager (RPM) for Entergy, is primarily interested in lowering source term inside pipes and having a method to determine the success of remediation processes. To do this, the RPM and his team need to know which isotopes are present and the relative contribution to dose for each isotope. They are using the Raymon10 to give them the data they need.
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Raymon10 handheld gamma spectrometer with Cs137

GR1 CZT based gamma spectrometers

GR1 Standard CZT based gamma spectrometer

Perfect for most gamma spectroscopy needs

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand this is the world’s smallest gamma-ray spectrometer. The GR1 Standard is the first in a whole family of GR1 models that offer connectivity and sensitivity options. All GR1s are completely self-contained, with a built-in preamplifier, shaping amplifier, baseline restorer, pulse height digitizer, and HV supply. Powered entirely from a USB connection.

The GR1 Standard is perfect for general use as a gamma spectrometer but can also be incorporated into a detector array or into your own shielded housing or detectors equipment.

  • The GR1 Standard has an energy resolution: <2.4% FWHM @662 keV.
  • The GR1 Standard output: USB.


GR1 User Story

Using the GR1 to measure radiation levels at Fukushima.
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GR1 radiation detector small and portable in a hand

Do you need extra output channels

GR1-A CZT based gamma spectrometer

For those that need extra outputs channels

Available in both GR1 Standard and GR1 Plus the GR1-A has a USB output and three MCX connectors that provide energy and timing outputs and gate inputs.

The GR1-A models all include a copy of MultiSpect Analysis gamma spectroscopy software.

GR1 User Story

Using the GR1 to measure radioactivity in high–dose areas
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GR1-A gamma spectrometer showing USB and three MCX connectors

CZT co-planar grid radiation detector

EV-CPG gamma detector

The EV-CPG compact gamma ray detector (with a CZT co-planar grid)  is perfect for a wide range of nuclear spectroscopy needs. This compact gamma detector is ideal for applications requiring high efficiency, high resolution, and room temperature operation. The compact size and rugged design allow for use in harsh or restrictive environments.

Available in standard CZT crystal sizes of:

  • 10x10x10mm3
  • 10x10x7.5mm3.

Other CZT crystal sizes are available on request.


EV-CPG CZT co-planar grid radiation detector

Designed to measure airborne contamination


Measuring radioactive contamination in the air

Small enough to be taken into the field the QuantAir is designed for researchers or emergency workers that need to measure the amount and type of gamma radiation in an air sample. Designed to take a Maypack filter.

  • Detector Resolution <2.5%
  • Energy Range 30keV to 3MeV
  • Number of Channels 4096
  • Power Consumption Powered via USB
  • Weight 4.8kg
  • Dimensions h 219.5 x w 113.3 x d 62.5 mm
  • Screen Dimension 7 inches
  • Lead/Copper Shield 10mm/3mm
  • Radionuclides I-131, others on request
  • Sample Containment Maypack Filter
  • Wide operating temperature range: -30oC to 60oC


QuantAir is a solution for measuring radioactive contamination in the air

CZT based gamma spectrometer in a small cylinder

Spear CZT gamma spectrometer

Our smallest gamma detector. Everything you need in a CZT- based gamma radiation detector in a small ready to use package.

The SPEAR radiation detector is a complete gamma probe, comprising a 5x5x5mm cube of CZT detector crystal with a low noise hybrid preamplifier in a housing measuring only 13mm diameter x 84mm in length.

The probe is supplied complete with a two-metre-long connecting input/output cable, allowing the unit to be used immediately.

  • Energy Range: 10 to 670keV
  • Energy Resolution: < 4% FWHM @ 122 KeV @ 25ºC
Spear CZT based gamma radiation spectrometer in hand

A small portable gamma laboratory

Quant GR1 shielded gamma spectrometer

A portable lab to detect and identify gamma isotopes

Quant GR1 is a gamma detector solution for mobile laboratory radionuclide analysis. It is designed for measuring the activity of radionuclides in filters, filter papers, beakers of samples. It comes with an optimised and integrated lead/copper shield that enables operation in both a standard and raised background environments.

The low power, small form factor, reliability, and no requirement for cooling, enable measurements of various configurations of samples, without the need for time-consuming transport back to an offsite laboratory.

Supplied with gamma spectroscopy software

MultiSpect Analysis Premium is included in the package. This version of MultiSpect Analysis is designed specifically for quantitative analysis and includes efficiency calibration and quantitative analysis. Files can be saved for reporting.


Quant GR1 User Story

EDF Energy required a system that offered high-performance radiation detection capabilities that provided fast and accurate measurement of potentially mixed sources of radiation in real-time while being small and robust enough to be easily transported and used in-field.

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Shielded GR1 CZT-based gamma radiation detector perfect for in-field and lab work

Designed for researchers and OEMs

CZT development platforms

Want to research the use of CZT based detectors

Ready to use out of the box

We make two ready to use out of the box CZT development platforms featuring CZT gamma detector modules, electronics and software, all you have to do is switch it on.

Created to help researchers into x-ray and gamma ray imaging to cost-effectively research the use of CZT imaging in your equipment.

The Kromek Team can advise on the set-up and development of any final product.

We offer two development platforms


The DMatrix gamma ray imager is a fully integrated photon-counting pixilated, 12-Bit energy discriminating CZT detector/imager. Modular design enables a large field of view scaling.

See the DMatrix here.


The EV3500 scalable x-ray CZT linear array is a fully integrated photon counting energy discriminating cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) detector with an onboard microcontroller and FPGA allowing true real-time operation.

See the EV3500 here.

In both the solid-state CZT detector technology provides superior efficiency and energy discrimination capabilities versus conventional scintillation-based detectors.

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