The D3M Networkable PRD – Take action from anywhere

A networkable PRD with spectral storage; the D3M is not your average personal radiation detector. Equip border control with the D3M to constantly monitor and coordinate action against the transport of illicit radioactive sources in airports, ports and across key border crossings.

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Keep the public and your staff safe with networkable PRDs

Equip security stationed at several points along a border, airport or port with the D3M, the networkable PRD. The D3M is easily integratable into any existing network or Kromek’s SIGMA network to alert those in centralised command to any detected radioactive source. Coordinated your site-wide responses to minimise disruption and maximise public safety.

Also track the movement of radioactive sources across a site using a series of connected D3Ms and other networked static, mobile or other wearable detectors.

Alternatively, deploy the D3M as a standalone personal radiation detector to rapidly alert users to nearby radiological threats.


Context-specific action from a PRD?

The D3M constantly collects background data and can store over 100,000 spectral data files.  A specialist CBRN team can extract data such as dose reconstruction over time from the D3M’s spectral storage and use it to treat contaminated individuals, items and areas appropriately.

Additionally, operators and remote decision-makers are further informed with:

  • Dose rate
  • Accumulated dose
  • Dose alarm
  • Gamma & neutron alarms (audio, visible, vibration)
  • Neutron count data

These types of data are available from an extensive range of radioactive sources, including shielded sources. As a result, no radiological threat is likely to be missed.

Watch this video for a quick overview of the key features of the D3M, and how you can benefit from them

Operating reliably, instantly and constantly, but not to the naked eye

With its discreet appearance and small size, the D3M is optimal for wearability or handheld use by a security guard, unknown to terrorists or the public. Operating for 24 hours or 36 with a replaceable battery pack, the D3M constantly monitors the presence of radioactive material for the entirety of a security guard’s shift.

Furthermore, operators are only disrupted from their daily duties when a real radioactive threat is detected. With a false alarm rate 6 times lower than ANSI standards, no time or effort is likely to bewasted.

However, security will be alerted instantly when in the presence of a radioactive source. This is due to the D3M’s high sensitivity and large detector volume which allow it to detect radiological threats much faster than standard PRDs.

D3M networkable PRD worn on a belt as a personal radiation detector for security in border control

An effective yet simple-to-use personal radiation detector, the D3M aids rapid, widespread action. Maximise the safety of your security teams and the public with this networkable PRD.

Make safety your number one priority in border control

What could this networkable PRD do for your team?

Get in touch with our team of experts to find out if the D3M is a good fit for your specific needs and application

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More about the D3M

Read more in depth about the impressive security applications of the D3M. Take a look at how the specs align with your needs by downloading our D3M product brochure on this page

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