Kromek is committed to reducing its environmental impact to the bare minimum, and establishing sustainable practices, including the dramatic reduction in carbon emissions.

Kromek has established a permanent Sustainability Team to create a concrete Strategy to bring the company to net zero and minimise its impacts wherever possible. In the meantime, the company has made a commitment to net zero no later than 2050, with plans being made to bring this date forward.

We are looking at our facilities, travel habits, supply chains and commercial partners to identify and reduce our environmental impact wherever we can, using the latest technology, and by changing our practices. We are building a business; every part of whose practices are grounded in sustainability principles. We are always looking inside and out for ways to be better, and we engage with our employees to do this.

In the near future, we hope to be able to update this space with information about on-site electricity generation, the reduction or removal of gas-fired systems at our buildings, and much more.

We believe that creating a business which is not only financially sustainable but environmentally sustainable is a necessity for the company and for society. We view sustainability as a fundamental principle on which to build our future business.

EV Lease Scheme

Cycle to Work Scheme

Certifiable Renewable Energy