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Our office is based in Zelienople, Pennsylvania, USA

Our Pennsylvania, office is based in Zelienople, Pennsylvania.

Zelienople is a small town with a great amount of charm and quaintness. The town was named by its founder, Detmar Basse, after his daughter, Zelie, in 1802. He purchased 10,000 acres of post-Revolutionary War Depreciation Lands to create the town. The center of Zelienople was on the main route between Erie and Pittsburgh at the time so the town flourished. It has also grown into a town with many hidden gems including restaurants, coffee shops, events, shopping and more. Interestingly enough, locals still affectionately shorten the name to “Zelie” and we imagine that Basse and his daughter would be very proud to see what their town has become.

Zelienople is situated in Butler County.

Located in Western Pennsylvania, Butler County offers a glimpse of small town life, yet is close to major cities.  The office is only 25 miles from Pittsburgh, 325 miles from Philadelphia and 380 miles from New York City.

PNC Park, Pittsburgh, United States

Some of the earliest known history begins with first U.S. President George Washington, who passed through the area around the same time the French & Indian War began. Butler County has plenty of other interesting history, as well. It was founded in 1800 and named for Gen. Richard Butler, a colonial officer in the American Revolution.

Many of the towns hold rich German history; including Harmony, founded in 1804 by the Harmony Society of German Lutheran Separatists who were seeking religious freedom, and Saxonburg, which still maintains the architectural charm of a quaint German hamlet. Saxonburg was co-founded by John Roebling who also invented wire rope and designed the Brooklyn Bridge.

Present day, the county has museums and many historic locations which interpret the area’s past. Special events and reenactments offer living history as well.

Guitar head, Pennsylvania
peaceful home retreat, Pittsburgh
Man walking on rocks in Pittsburgh

See the Kromek Zelienople site from the air

Zelienople is our main site in America and is the hub of our OEM medical imaging work, Homeland Security experts and CZT productions facility. It is a state of the art production facility as well as our head office in the US.

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