Image Reconstruction Scientist

Sedgefield, County Durham, UK

We have an opportunity for an experienced Image Reconstruction Scientist to join our team and play a leading role in the development of an innovative molecular breast imaging system based on semiconductor CZT detectors. We aim to use this technology to screen for breast cancer in women with dense breasts, replacing mammography for this application. The position is a part of a large medical imaging project aiming to combine a new radiation detection system design with innovative image reconstruction theory and algorithms to reduce the patient radiation dose and the scan time.



  • Working within an experienced team of scientists and engineers on research and design of detector systems, collimators and algorithms.
  • Use the knowledge of image reconstruction to support the development of the detector system and collimation.
  • Research and develop new image reconstruction and de-noising algorithms.
  • Develop and articulate new ideas and concepts.
  • Report writing and presentation of results.


Essential skills and experience

  • At least 3-5-year experience in SPECT/PET image reconstruction.
  • Knowledge of FBP and iterative reconstruction methods.
  • Knowledge of image reconstruction techniques for various collimation configurations.
  • Understanding of medical imaging principles and fundamentals.
  • MSc or PhD (preferably) in physics or mathematics.
  • Ability to research, select and implement new concepts and ideas.
  • Strong computer skill and knowledge of programming languages, such as C++, ROOT, Python.
  • High standard of data analysis and critical thinking.


Desirable skills and experience

  • Knowledge of tomographic reconstruction methods.
  • Knowledge of physics simulation tools, such as GEANT4, GATE, COMSOL or similar.
  • Understanding of radiation detection principles and instrumentation.
  • Knowledge of medical device standards and regulations.
  • Willingness to travel both within the UK and internationally.
  • Able to present to customers and in a conference or sponsor environment.

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