Why you need CZT


Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) was, and still is, a revolution in the world of science, technology, and medicine. Small yet mighty, this semiconductor is giving scintillators and other semiconductors a run for their money.

Benefits of using CZT

What does CZT have that other semiconductors don’t?

The advantages of CZT arise from several key features:

  1. No cooling required at room temperature – cost effective operation with low power requirements
  2. Small pixel size – higher resolution of images/spectral data
  3. Functions via direct conversion – preserves spatial resolution


How does direct conversion work?

Direct conversion means CZT records the signal directly from gamma photons or X-rays, converting it to electricity. Scintillators convert it to light first then electricity, recording data less accurately. As a result, scintillators require photomultipliers. These chunky pieces of equipment reduce the spatial resolution of data due to their large size.


Now what are the benefits of CZT?

So, what do these key features actually do for you? Let’s get to the point!

All these features contribute to the versatility in use and the high quality imaging and spectral data CZT provides:

  1. Dramatically improved image contrast – the high energy resolution of CZT produces a high image contrast, essential for more confident diagnoses, security scans and more.
  2. Reliable spectral results – in both Security & Defence and Civil Nuclear applications, the high energy resolution produces sharper spectral peaks. This allows for even the most similar radioisotopes to be distinguished from one another with ease.
  3. More accurate discrimination of materials – in Industrial & Security applications, the high spatial resolution of CZT reduces noise and improves shape recognition.
  4. Safer and more comfortable medical procedures – due to the high efficiency of CZT, the time taken to attain an image in Medical applications is reduced, leading to a smaller dose of radiation being exposed to a patient.
  5. Images taken at a closer range – the small form factor of CZT allows the target area to be imaged at a closer range or measurements to be taken in tight spots, further increasing the resolution of results.
  6. Adaptable to your specific needs – CZT can be grown to variable sizes and specifications, optimal for integration in custom systems, in-field use and different applications e.g. thicker crystals are more suited to high flux environments.


Bring the benefits of CZT to your business

At Kromek, CZT is what we’re about. As the only commercial business to produce CZT globally, we know it like the back of our hand!

Starting right at crystal growth, we integrate electronics and Kromek ASICs, then end at turnkey Detection and Advanced Imaging solutions.

Tap into any stage of our CZT manufacturing process to find a bespoke solution optimal for your specific application.


What can’t CZT do for you?

Find a solution for your Detection or Advanced Imaging needs




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