What’s the deal with Apprenticeships?


As part of National Apprenticeship Week, we caught up with one of our Marketing Specialists Rebecca, who graduated from our Apprenticeship scheme last year, to find out what an Apprenticeship looks like here at Kromek, and hear why she found it to be such an invaluable experience to her current and future career goals.

1. What led you to decide to pursue an Apprenticeship?


After graduating from University, I started looking into opportunities to try something a bit different with a bit more of a creative flare to it. Having completed some research into my options, I decided an Apprenticeship seemed like a great way to break into a new field of work.

Kromek stood out with it’s impressive portfolio and life-saving mission, which is a great cause to be a part of at any stage of the product journey.


2. What was involved in your day-to-day roles and responsibilities as a Marketing Apprentice?


What doesn’t your day involve in Marketing! Every day was and continues to be so different, something which I value a lot in a career.

I was lucky to hit the ground running as soon as I started, working on several different campaigns across various media channels, right from the planning stages, to the execution, and then ending at analysis and reporting. Alongside my coursework and regular learning weeks, throughout my Apprenticeship, I was able to work on emails, social posts, web content, articles and ads, using a variety of different tools and software such as GA4, HubSpot, Canva, the Adobe Creative suite, WordPress and more, many of which were brand new to me.

I felt very trusted as an Apprentice, which allowed my independence to blossom. I quickly began to work on more varied and challenging projects, and coordinated with colleagues from different departments, customers and other external contacts on various tasks.



3. Was it beneficial to learn while working compared to studying full-time?


Yes! Everyone’s experience is different, but personally, I found learning on the job a more enjoyable and engaging experience overall compared to studying full-time.

Being able to immediately apply learnt skills and theory to real-world campaigns and projects then evaluate how they performed really helped to cement and bolster my learning.

A great motivator from learning on the job is being able to see yourself grow as a professional in real-time, which is an incredibly rewarding experience. From one project to the next, and in my work produced week on week as part of my daily roles, I could see my Marketing skills maturing, and great improvements to the quality of my work. Such growth was frequently highlighted and celebrated by both my Manager and Learning Mentor, which gave me the confidence to keep challenging myself and to progress further in my role.


4. What was the support like around your apprenticeship?


I couldn’t have been more supported throughout my Apprenticeship by my Manager and my Learning Mentor from Baltic Apprenticeships. Both held regular review sessions with me to discuss how I was finding both my daily work and coursework, and gave me the space and time to work through any roadblocks I was facing, and listen to any ideas that I had.

Help and advice was available whenever I needed it, and still is!


5. Now after completing your apprenticeship, what are the next steps you’re taking in your career?


I was able to progress into the role of Marketing Specialist with Kromek after finishing my Apprenticeship, and I am now studying for my Level 4 Marketing Professional certificate with CIM.

I aim to continue to grow my professional skills and develop my confidence by taking on new challenges in my current role, alongside completing further qualifications and courses.

Through working with Kromek, I have been presented with countless opportunities to evolve as a Marketer and as a working professional in such a niche industry, with constant support every step of the way.


6. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about doing an Apprenticeship?


No matter what stage of life you are in, an Apprenticeship is a fantastic way to start-off your career, switch career paths or advance the skills you have in your current role.

If you recognise yourself as someone who is more hands-on, or, you want to learn new skills with a less heavier emphasis on studying, then an Apprenticeship is definitely for you.

Completing my Apprenticeship with Kromek has been an invaluable experience, and has set strong foundations for my journey in the working world.




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