What does it take to build Nuclear and Radiological Terrorism Defences?


There is no one single solution to the ever growing, ever real threat from nuclear and radiological terrorism. Yet, over the years, many have tried to pinpoint this to one specific area. Some would have us sway towards the controlling of nuclear and radiological materials in cooperative countries, particularly in the former Soviet Union. Others believe that we need to further enhance homeland security, such things as border control, emergency responses teams or domestic surveillance. Finally, there are those that feel we need to challenge those so-called rouge states, like Iraq, which may actively be supplying dangerous weapons to terrorists.

To be successful, a strategy must encompass all the above. It must enable individuals and teams on the front line to fully understand and distinguish the nuclear and radiological problems, allowing for faster, more strategic decisions to be made. As nuclear terrorism becomes an even more credible and urgent threat, the challenges of securing global supplies of nuclear material are growing. Preparatory meetings, review conferences and conclusions are only as good as their objectives, agendas, and meaningful outcomes.

The time for talking is now over, it’s time for all member states to move forward with the global nuclear security agenda. Members need to not only be equipped with the data to allow them to build a strong and resilient nuclear defence system, but the tools in which to do so. Decision-makers just need the right information and technology to know exactly what responses to implement quickly, where, and when. Complete situational awareness and successful deployment of the prepared responses relies upon a widespread and technically capable early warning system.

Building a package that includes handheld detectors, detectors on drones, in vehicles and those in fixed, static positions, quickly establishes a network that can span not only a city, but an entire country. It’s a combination of detectors you chose for your teams’ needs that gives you eyes everywhere.

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