Revolutionising remote radioisotope detection


In any security and defence mission concerning radiological threats, operator safety is a challenge, yet paramount.

Ensuring safety with remote detection, Kromek have developed the Remote Mode application for the D5 RIID; the smallest and lightest RIID on the market.

Using Remote Mode, the operator can establish crucial distance from a high-risk environment, with the D5 RIID mounted on any UGV. Essential spectral and isotopic data can be collected with reduced risk to human life. Rapid alarms keep those on the ground safe, whilst ANSI N42.42 data files generated in the field can be rapidly sent to remote technical authorities to confidently complete secondary adjudications and make informed decisions quickly.


D5 RIID and Remote Mode Tablet

Agnostic isotopic data from a defined area or suspect package is delivered in real-time to the remote operator at distance via a wired or wirelessly connected device. This includes isotope ID, high accuracy dose measurements for gamma and neutron radiation, exact counts per second and all types of energies present across spectra.

The <4% medium resolution and high sensitivity of the device also enables a moredefinitive confirmation of radioisotopes present, even those in weak, mixed, shielded and/or heavily masked sources.

The D5 RIID facilitates rapid action in the face of a real threat; its low false alarm rate, exceeds international ANSI N42.34 standards, and alerts users reliably in real-time to the specific threat. Therefore, there are only essential interruptions to a mission.

With 30 seconds start up time, the D5 RIID is simple to set up and use almost immediately, ensuring no minutes are wasted in time-dependent situations. Its intuitive interface means that a new operator requires less than 10 minutes of training to be confident in using the detector.

Communication is reliable and far-reaching when connected directly to the communications module of the UGV. Receiving power via USB, the D5 RIID can supply data to the onsite operator across the entire range covered during a specific mission, no matter how far the robot travels. Even radioactive sources at a distance to the detector itself are identified 50 times more accurately than the ANSI standard. With the option to also receive power over ethernet, the D5 can interface with any UGV robot system, providing the ultimate mission flexibility.

The operator can maintain wider situational awareness, as the D5 RIID can be integrated into existing mapping and alarm networks. ANSI N42.42 files can be easily extracted directly in the field and sent swiftly to remote decision-makers via reachback, facilitating rapid decision-making.

Small, lightweight and ruggedized, the D5 RIID offers the ultimate radiation detection performance, ready for deployment into any situation at any time.

Make people’s safety a challenge that can be met.


You can also read the article on pages 68-69 in the latest Military Systems and Technology magazine here

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