Ready, Set, Quantify!


An on-the-go lab in your hands

Hold your horses! Rushing back to the lab with radioactive samples? No need! Take the Quant 4 RayMon straight into the field to collect and analyse your results on site.

This handheld device allows you to detect and identify gamma-emitting radionuclides as well as measure and quantify how much of each isotope is present at a specific location.

The Quant 4 RayMon ruggedised tablet and probe with the radbeaker attached for point and distributed source sampling

How does it work?

Data is gathered using the detector with a high resolution GR1 built in. Step aside scintillators, this CZT-based detector can detect any isotope, even those often inseparable to an LaBr3 or NaI based instrument.

Point or distributed sources? It doesn’t matter, the Quant 4 RayMon can identify both! Attach the radbeaker to the detector to complete accurate quantitative, volumetric analysis of radionuclides in soil, water, building material or liquid waste.

The detector is directly connected to a ruggedised tablet, able to withstand even the roughest field conditions. Isotopic data is processed and analysed in minutes, producing defined energy peaks, even in higher dose environments e.g. sites contaminated with mixed sources.

The spectral and count data is saved directly onto the tablet, along with GPS, user ID, photos, videos and audio note; everything you could possibly need for a complete report.


Not just for experts!

Don’t fret, the Quant 4 RayMon has your back. Straight out of the box, it comes prepared with pre-set efficiency calibrations using pre-calculated geometric fixtures. Energy calibrations are also pre-loaded which use Americium and Caesium as references. Get stuck into your research straightaway!

Previously, the GR1 has been implemented by Bristol University to conduct research in Fukushima, where it was used to measure the levels of different isotopes of soil in deeply contaminated areas. With the Quant 4 RayMon, you could do just this, without having to calibrate it, or set it up with another device first.


If you do want to conduct your own energy and efficiency calibrations, you can with the Quant GR1, which you can check out here!

So what do you want to do?

The Quant 4 RayMon can be easily incorporated into a wide range of research and monitoring applications:

  • Quantify changes in the amount of radiation at a site overtime e.g. infrastructure at risk near nuclear power plants
  • Complete routine assessments to identify radionuclides and their associated doses at a powerplant from gaseous, liquid or solid sources
  • Measure the amount of radiation contamination in water or soil at a focal site as part of an environmental survey
  • Monitor levels of radioactivity post-natural disaster
  • Quantify levels of radiation in food or waste to see if they go above what is considered safe
  • University research projects

and more!

Ready, set, quantify with the Quant 4 RayMon!


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