New Features of our D5 RIID


At Kromek, we’re passionate about not only our products, but also our customers. Everything we design, is done so with the user at the forefront and their feedback is what we use to continuously improve and enhance the products. We’ve been able to work with our customers, to introduce three new features to our D5 RIID as follows:


Localisation Mode

This mode allows a user to pinpoint the location of a radioactive source. During normal scanning, the device will sound a tone approximately once per second. As the device moves closer to a radioactive source, the interval between these tones decreases so that there are more tones per second. The shorter the interval between tones, the closer the user is to a source. This tone can be audible or vibrational and is aided visually by a graph showing the gamma counts per second in yellow and the neutron counts per second in blue.

Remote Mode

This mode allows a user to take readings, even when the device is at a distance. Entering remote mode on the D5 RIID and connecting it to a laptop or PC via USB or Bluetooth allows a user to utilise the D5 Settings App to remotely initiate and collect data from a scan without manually pressing the D5 RIID controls. The spectral data is saved in ANSI N42.42 file format. It is also possible to perform scans of the background radiation levels in the same way. This ensures the safety of the operator and speeds up the process of collecting data.

Viewing Spectral Data

The spectral data which accompanies every collected confirmation mode scan has been enhanced to give more information. The “scale” button can be used to move through the spectrum to see all energies. The up and down buttons on the D5 RIID controls can be used to navigate the cursor to give the exact counts per second data at a chosen energy.

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