D3S ID, meet the dog


From the belt to beyond

The D3S ID is discreet, wearable gamma and neutron radiation identification device. RIID-quality spectral data and alerts are inconspicuously reported to the user via a Bluetooth-connected earpiece or mobile phone.

An unnoticeable addition to the everyday gear of police officers, first responders and security personnel, the D3S ID constantly monitors for radioactive threats, from somewhere as simple as a belt.

But what about from something, a bit fluffier?


Detector dogs on patrol with the D3S ID

These brave pups on duty are helping protect human lives.

The D3S ID-equipped detector dog has already been implemented successfully as part of airport security, and in securing President Zelenskyy at an awards ceremony in Germany May 2023.

Kromek detectors like the D3S ID are not restricted to solely being handhelds or wearables. Their light weight and portability also opens doors to mounting onto drones, robots, dogs and vehicles for rapid radiological monitoring from a safe distance.

Just like it would from a belt, a D3S ID worn on a service dog reliably communicates spectral data regarding the radioisotope mixture present to a paired phone or discreet earpiece.


And it’s not just the D3S ID

Now onto something more robotic.

The D5 RIID, when mounted onto any brand of robot, allows distanced operators to receive agnostic isotopic data and alerts in real time on all radioisotopes present in a suspect package or defined area. Easily integrated into any existing network, the D5 RIID enables constant situational awareness to be maintained by those on and off site. Quick in-field adjudications are therefore possible.


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