A bridge too far? No, thanks to Kromek!


For many across the world, we go through our lives, day to day, with no real understanding of the potential threats around us. We’re able to do this in the knowledge that others are constantly looking and acting on not only their intuition, but information they receive from state of the art technology and data from products like our D3S ID, a personal, lightweight, pocket sized device that’s able to recognise isotopes and neutrons in seconds.

Designed to detect radiological threats like dirty bombs, radioactive contamination, smuggling of radioactive substances and radiation at the scene of an accident or terrorist attack. The D3S range is used by first responders, armed forces, border security and other CBRN experts as you’ll see below.


Our D3S NET was being used by a police officer (as part of their standard CBRNE equipment) sitting in their patrol car watching a very busy bridge between two large metropolitan areas. On average cars travel over 30mph on this bridge which has over 100,000 vehicles crossing per day.

The D3S radiation detector was on the officers’ equipment harnesses as they sat behind the steering wheel of the patrol car.

Parked 55 metres (180 feet) away from the traffic, the D3S alarmed (the phone can also be set to silent vibrate if required) announcing it had detected a range of isotopes (the phone voice chip tells you the names of the isotopes it finds and can even do it in Japanese). The D3S identifies gamma isotopes and classifies them into Medical, NORM, Industrial and SNM classes. It can also identify the presence of neutrons, important to detect sources that have been shielded.

D3S NET gamma neutron detector and phone app

D3S NET gamma neutron detector and phone app

The police officers quickly turned on their flashing lights and siren, entered the line of traffic and used the D3S to track and identify the vehicle. Once the vehicle was pulled over, the officers were able to check the drivers documentation, ensuring everything was in order and the items we’re being transported correctly and ultimately, wouldn’t cause harm to the environment or individuals around it.


These modern, hi-tech products continue to be made available to companies, governments, critical service functions and individuals across the globe, supporting them in their daily roles of ensuring the safety of everyone. So, the next time you’re passing through an airport, or ferry terminal, speaking with a police officer or paramedic, rest assured, that through items such as our D3S range, you’re in safe hands!

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