Biological Threat Detection System

Early identification system of dangerous viruses and pathogens

In these unprecedented times Kromek’s revolutionary biological threat detection system technology has never been more vital to global public health, national security and the economy.

Our biological threat detection system allows early identification of all airborne viruses, including COVID-19. It identifies through a mobile system that can detect trace levels of airborne threats, days earlier than is currently possible. Samples are tested from the air and detect illness before signs and symptoms begin to show in the infected person, thereby reducing the exposure to the disease by others.

Using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), the full genome is read and compared against databases of existing pathogens, therefore when an emerging novel threat is tested, it can be detected as parts of their genome is shared by close taxonomic relatives. This will then alert, limiting the spread of an outbreak early.

Kromek is engaging with potential customers for the COVID-19 detection system to develop deployment models and identify how it can best fit their needs. The solution is designed to be deployed in high footfall locations, such as airports, hospitals, retail outlets and entertainment venues.

Applications of our Biological Threat Detection System

Homeland Security

Kromek have developed a next-generation vehicle-mounted system capable of rapidly identifying the pathogens used in any biological attack, enabling a quicker response and reduced harm to people and the environment. The new system will reduce the detection and pathogen identification time significantly compared to current systems.

Virus Air Monitoring

By detecting the virus in the air in real time, rather than solely relying on the testing of individuals or development of symptoms in individuals, the system will enable earlier identification of potential infection exposure to help reduce transmission. It will also support facilities management such as by enabling site operators to know what level of ventilation is required from the HVAC system or when decontamination is necessary.

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