D5 RIID is a high accuracy, ruggedized RIID

A small, light, wearable RIID with an ultra low false alarm rate, perfect for harsh environments.

D3 PRD is a high sensitivity and high accuracy PRD

The D3 PRD's detection of isotopes is two times faster, two times further, the localization of isotopes is twice as fast and it has an extremely low false alarm rate.

Raymon10 gamma isotope identification in a rugged package

An advanced handheld, compact systems for gamma radionuclide identification in the field

CZT gamma detector for SPECT imaging

Completely configurable CZT gamma detector modules for use in OEM medical imaging systems


Kromek Group plc provides design and high-volume supply of both hardware and software of CZT solid-state radiation detectors and scintillation radiation detector components and finished products. We supply the medical OEM, civil nuclear and security sectors.

We manufacture in both the UK and the US, supplying worldwide through direct sales and a network of distributors and resellers.

Our product offering ranges from x-ray and gamma ray detector sub-assemblies for OEMs to end-user radiation detector products ready to go straight out of the box.

Kromek are immensely proud to have received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise – International Trade click here to read more

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Radiation detectors for people that work with or research radiological material

Civil nuclear radiation detection

X-ray, gamma-ray and neutron detectors and components

A range of cutting-edge products and components to provide nuclear workers and researchers with the tools they need.

OEM CZT gamma camera components

Medical imaging

SPECT, bone mineral densitometry (BMD), surgical gamma probes and photon-counting x-rays

CZT detector systems for OEMs to build a new generation of medical imaging devices.

Vehicle mounted radiation detector

CBRNE products

Homeland Security nuclear threat detection products

Devices for security screening and nuclear threat detection for Homeland Security.

D5 RIID - High accuracy RIID

D5 RIID is a small, light, 3.5% resolution wearable RIID with an expansive radioisotope library and an ultra low false alarm rate.

D3 PRD - high sensitivity PRD

D3 PRD - Kromek's high sensitivity PRD

The D3 PRD’s detection of isotopes is two times faster, two times further, the localization of isotopes is twice as fast and it has an extremely low false alarm rate.

RayMon10 rugged gamma radiation spectrometer

Raymon10 rugged gamma spectrometer

A rugged handheld gamma-ray spectrometer. Detect, measure and identify gamma-ray emitting radionuclides. Provides high-resolution isotope identification.

D3S ID radiation detector next to rugged phone app

D3S ID personal radiation detector

A wearable radiation detector that performs like a RIID for CBRN professionals that need fast alert and identification of gamma and neutron sources.

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