Liquid Threat Detection

Bottle Scanner The Kromek Bottle Scanner is a desktop inspection unit that can quickly verify or classify liquids, gels or aerosols based on multi-spectral analysis of x-rays using a combination of Kromek detectors and the proprietary ADMIT algorithm.

The system scans, analyses and classifies liquids in under 30 seconds, with a high degree of reliability and accuracy. The system can handle various shapes and sizes of sealed glass, plastic and metal containers. Additional materials can be added to the system database and the user can specify these as required.


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The Kromek Bottle Scannerâ„¢ is provided in 2 modes:

  • Verifier
  • Verifier

The common benefits of the Kromek Bottle Scanner are:

  • Desktop Unit
  • No sample preparation required
  • Fast, accurate and automated verification or classification of container contents
  • Non-invasive scanning
  • No consumables or waste
  • Minimal operator training required
  • Future proof with an easily upgradeable database
  • Easy to Use: Single Button operation and simple Pass/Fail display
  • Quick: Scan, analysis & categorisation within 20 seconds
  • Versatile: Portable, no consumables, scans containers of any shape, glass, plastic, metal 80-2000ml
  • Simple database upgrade

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