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Directors Interests

As at 9 March 2017, the interests of the Directors (including persons connected with the Directors within the meaning of section 252 of the Act) in the issued share capital of the Company excluding any Options in respect of such capital are as follows:

Director Shares %
Dr Graeme Speirs*, Non-executive Director 23,273,475 9.17
Dr Arnab Basu, Chief Executive Officer 2,952,000 1.14
Lawrence Kinet, Non-executive Director 200,000 0.10
Jerel Whittingham, Non-executive Director 110,450 0.10
Sir Peter Williams, Chairman 80,000 0.10
Derek Bulmer, Chief Financial Officer 63,934 0.10


* Graeme Speirs is directly interested in 3,494,940 shares (1.35%) in the company, 12,773,475 shares (4.9%) through his directorship in Polymer Holdings Limited and a further 7,500,000 shares (2.89%) through his directorship in Polymer N2 Limited.

Neither the Directors nor any substantial Shareholders have different voting rights to other holders of the share capital of the Company.

This section was last updated on: 9 March 2017

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