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IMELDA™ 2D array digital and multispectral imaging.. Product #: imelda


2D array digital and multispectral imaging

IMELDA is a solid state pixel readout ASIC with a 16 x 16 array of 500 μm x 500 μm pixels with 8 energy bins per channel.

IMELDA is suitable for high resolution, high dynamic range industrial or medical x-ray imaging. High contrast can be achieved through photon counting. Materials information can be extracted through the use of multiple energy bins.

  • 2 × 106 counts/second per channel count rate capability
  • 200 keV and 600 keV input energy ranges
  • 16 bit counter dynamic range
  • Comparator thresholds, gains and offsets are digitally adjustable
  • Externally adjustable, 100 ns to 2 μs pulse decay time
  • User-controlled test signal input and analog monitor output for testing purposes
  • Input loading capacitance optimized for 0.5 pF
  • Frame readout (all counters stop, longer dead time)
  • Raster readout (only the counters in the channel being read stop, shorter dead time)
  • Readout can be limited to fewer than eight counters per channel and to any (contiguous) range of channels, to reduce dead time
  • All I/O pads located on one side to simplify tiling
  • 1 W nominal power consumption

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