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DANA II™ High resolution x-ray and gamma ray spectroscopy.. Product #: dana2


High resolution x-ray and gamma ray spectroscopy

DANA II has 256 channels with low noise and high input impedance charge-sensitive amplifiers, including special low power modes (Spectroscopy, Count and Watchdog) for battery operated applications requiring very low noise, leading to a high energy resolution for spectroscopy and Compton camera applications.

  • 50 mW nominal power consumption (spectroscopy mode)
  • 256 channels, 16x16 matrix, 500μm pitch
  • Self-resetting charge sensitive amplifiers
  • Two input energy ranges 10-250 keV and 0.05- 1.5MeV
  • Pulse shaping time selectable, 0.2- 4 μs
  • Input referred noise:≈ 250 e rms @ 0 pF input
  • Gain and offset digitally adjustable for each channel
  • Positive and negative input polarity
  • Data readout controlled by programmable token logic
  • Count rate capability:> 4 x 105 counts/second, all channels combined

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