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Kromek is a UK radiation detection solutions Group that provides digital colour x-ray and gamma ray detection and imaging. Our products enable direct materials identification in the security screening, civil nuclear and medical imaging markets.

With operations in the UK and US, Kromek sells internationally with partnerships and distribution channels in Asia, Europe, and North America, to a global customer base ranging from national governments and regulatory bodies to international airports and research institutes, and from major energy providers to the world's largest technology and medical equipment groups.

Our capabilities

Based on innovation in semiconductor production and electronics supported by technologies such as software, algorithms and systems engineering, Kromek has world-leading, often unique capabilities covering the value chain "from advanced sensor materials to detection solutions".

Our products

Kromek's portfolio of cutting-edge high-resolution products for gamma ray detection and isotope analysis in complex nuclear environments differentiate themselves by their sensitivity, high resolution and small form factor allowing unprecedented flexibility in deployment.

In security, Kromek offers a range of handheld detectors and within aviation security the Kromek Identifier liquid explosive detection system (ECAC level 3) brings speedy threat detection that, uniquely, can accurately scan ALL container types, including metal.

We also have an exciting suite of products under development with partners in the medical imaging market including CT, SPECT and Bone Mineral Densitometry.

Company History

Kromek, formerly Durham Scientific Crystals, was incorporated in April 2003 to commercialise technology which had been developed in the Physics Department of Durham University over a period of some 20 years. As is often the case with University spin outs, the operation began in a small way using dedicated incubator space within the University and with just a core team of three people. Business angel finance was used to fund the Company and this was soon supplemented by the allocation of a DTI SMART award for the construction of the first commercial crystal growth facility.

By 2005, the Company had outgrown its incubator space and so it moved in as the first tenant to the NETPark facility, a Technology Park in Sedgefield, County Durham. Also in 2005, the Company attracted significant investment from Amphion Innovations, a London and New York venture fund, dedicated to building shareholder value in high growth technology businesses. The Company's first contract was received shortly after that for the supply of specialist material to the European Space Agency.

Although the Company was originally set up to commercialise the production of single crystals of the CdTe family of materials, the Company's business model evolved to move up the value chain to produce sub-assemblies and end user products in the x-ray market, based on the material platform. Expertise was available within the management team in the design of advanced x-ray imaging systems.

Kromek has developed significant expertise and capabilities to combine its detector technology and the x-ray imaging technology. The result is a series of OEM components, modules and end user products that are being sold globally. The Company now has over 110 employees, 19 of which have PhD's.

2010: NOVA R&D Acquisition

California-based NOVA R&D, Inc specialises in custom research and design, development, testing and marketing of OEM components, detectors, ASICs, instruments and imaging systems.

Established in May 1984, NOVA was acquired by Kromek in June 2010 to complete a missing layer in Kromek's technology stack as well as strengthen its presence in key markets; boost its capabilities in the field of electronics and ASIC design; and provide a permanent, physical presence in the USA, a strategically important region for the business.

NOVA products underpin a wide range of applications, such as: medical imaging systems including gamma-camera, SPECT, PET and multi energy CT scanners, NDE and NDI detector systems, baggage and recycle material scanners, neutron/ gamma ray detectors, digital x-ray imaging systems and multi-modality small animal imaging systems.

NOVA's strong intellectual property (IP) portfolio (currently over 30 patents in the fields of imaging and radiation detection), adds further weight to Kromek's own patent portfolio. Specifically, NOVA has a number of important technologies and products in the CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives) market introducing significant commercial relationships in Kromek's core markets.

In addition to creating market-oriented products, NOVA has been awarded many government grants and contracts for designing and developing contraband detectors, industrial and medical imaging sensors and instruments.

2013: eV Products Inc. (Kromek USA) Acquisition

In 2013, Kromek acquired eV Products Inc. based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania as a fully owned subsidiary. eV Products has amassed almost 25 years of experience in Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) materials and detectors and is the world's leading manufacturer of CZT-based detector technology.

This acquisition puts the Kromek Group in a strong position in the spectral radiation detection market by having the widest breadth of technology for detector materials production and manufacturing capability, and is further complemented by the ASIC and electronics capabilities of Kromek's first acquisition, California-based NOVA, and the existing wide breadth of expertise of Kromek in the UK.

Combining Kromek and eV Products technology and IP will create an unparalleled company in the CZT industry, meeting the needs of customers in the medical, security, industrial and defense industries.

The acquisition further demonstrates Kromek's continued commitment to expand its business in the US; part of a planned strategy of growth, expanding to meet growing customer demands in the US market. This acquisition also established Kromek's ability to provide a domestic source and security of supply for US customers.

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