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D3S ID is a wearable RIID that is one of the fastest and most accurate isotope ID devices on the market. It’s the game-changing device that’s revolutionising in-field

The power to perform

The D3S ID is a powerful combination of two of Kromek’s leading technologies; the non-³He compact thermal neutron detector and its world leading gamma detector, delivering the performance of a RIID in a small, but powerful device, the size of a PRD.

Lightweight design, heavyweight performance

It’s discreet, wearable and a fraction of the price of other much larger RIIDs, meaning it’s not only light on your belt, it’s light on your budget.

The detection algorithm provides substantial enhancements in the detection and identification of low activity shielded threats, masked threats and nuisance isotopes.


Minimal training

Specifically designed for use by anyone, specialists and nonspecialists alike, with minimal training required. The D3S ID can be used by staff across a wide variety of sectors, including: customs and border patrols, police, first-responders, at airports, event security and environmental monitoring.

Ready for anything

It has been extensively tested and characterized in multiple DNDO and DARPA programs.


  • One of the fastest and most accurate isotope ID devices on the market
  • Discreet, wearable, lightweight
  • A fraction of the size, fraction of the cost of other RIIDs
  • Rapid, visible, audible and tactile alarm settings
  • Extensively tested and characterised in multiple DNDO and DARPA programs
  • Quick, simple and intuitive to use, no need for specialist training or knowledge


Detector Specification

Detector type Gamma and Neutron detection
Gamma detector material CsI(Tl)
Gamma detector volume 1 in3 (16 cm3)
Gamma energy range 30 keV to 3 MeV
Gamma sensitivity for Cs137 5 cps/μR/h (500 cps/μSv/h) Photo peak 1.2 cps/μR/h (120 cps/μSv/h)
Maximum throughput for gamma channel 10,000 cps
Dose rate 2.0 mR/h (20 μSv/h) at 662 keV
Neutron detector material Non-3He
Neutron detector 9 cps in a 1 neutron per cm2 field
Neutron detector gamma rejection Better than 10-7, meets ANSI N42.34 section 6.7
Maximum throughput for neutron channel 5,000 cps
Communications Micro USB, Bluetooth®
Operational battery life 12 hours
Operational temperature range −20°C to 50°C, meets ANSI N42.32 section 7.1, section 7.2, section 7.5
Device size (excluding phone) 5.2" x 3.1" x 0.9"
(132mm x 80mm x 23.5mm)
Device volume (excluding phone) 248 cm3
Humidity Up to 93% RH ANSI N42.32 section 7.3
Moisture/dust protection IP53 as per ANSI N42.32 section 7.4
Weight 0.52 lbs (237 g)
Battery 1450mAh Lithium polymer
Charging Charging via USB or inductive charging
External LED’s Visual detector status
Device status indicator External LED

Download a datasheet here

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